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@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY March 13, 8pm, 2022

Written by on 08/03/2022

#568 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay—

*Fundemental Truth “Warning” (United Kingdom)
*Conscious Route & Scotbath f/ Sean Focus “ Love & Institutions” (Scotland)
-Munday Martin voice intro-
*Munday Martin “Reactor” (Nashville, TN)
*Nani “Berlin Berlin” (Berlin, Germany/ Indonesia)
-back and front announce-
*Liam Gallagher “Everything’s Electric” Manchester, England)
*Amari “It Ends With You” (Belgium)
-Third Girl From The Left voice intro-
*Third Girl From The Left “Oxygen” (United Kingdom)
*Laibach “Ich Will ein Deutscher sein” (Slovenia)
-back and front announce-
*Bloc Party “The Girls Are Fighting” (London, England)
*The Cazales “The Narrative” (North Wales)
-Vana Rose voice intro-
*Sugar For The Pill “Falling Back To You” (Athens, Greece)
*Caulbearers “Twisted Cord” (Manchester, England)
-back and front announce-
*Barry Tierney “Colours On Canvas” (Kinsale, Ireland/ Berlin, Germany)
*Harri Mason “Self Love” (Bristol, England)
-GJOVA voice intro-
*GJOVA “White Pavement” (Los Angeles, CA)
*Luianna “Lying To Me” (Bristol, England)
-back and front announce-
*Ron Bell “Silence In The Sky” (Alberta, Canada)
*Travellin’ Blues Kings “A Stiffer Drink” (Belgium)
-The Halo Trees voice intro-
*The Halo Trees “Wanderlust” (Berlin, Germany)
*The Cold Head “Spirit Of The Beehive” (London/ Wales)
-back and front announce-
*Matija “The Road” (Munich, Germany)
-The Winachi Tribe voice intro-
*The Winachi Tribe f/ I Kong “Parasites Paradise” (Warrington, U.K.)
*X.Guardians “Stay With Me” (France)
-back and front announce-
*Julin Maier-Hauff “Fritzbold” (Freiburg, Germany)
-Shooter Jennings voice intro-
+Yelawolf & Shooter Jennings “Make Me A Believer” (Alabama/Nashville)
*Rike “The Reason” (Sweden)
-back and front announce-
*DLÙ “Am Politician” (Glasgow, Scotland)