@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY March 8, 8pm


  • First time airs on show +is replay–
    *Kala Ching “Voices” (China/Bristol, England)
    *Cila Tight “Amitié Gachée” (Paris, France)
    -Kid Moxie voice intro-
    *Kid Moxie “Big In Japan” (Alphaville cover) (Greece/Los Angeles)
    *Feline And The Strange “Can’t Breathe” (Berlin, Germany)
    -back and front announce-
    *Katie Kittermaster “Sunday Afternoon” (Scutt Remix) (United Kingdom)
    *Brocarde “Love Me Till I’m Beautiful” (Moscow, Russia)
    -Mandasue Heller voice intro-
    +Mandasue Heller “Excerpt from Chantel” (Manchester, England)
    *Bonny & The Groove Cats “Bourbon” (Switzerland)
    -back and front announce-
    *Yumi Zouma “Cool For A Second” (New Zealand)
    *Shubangi “Jederzeit” (Münster, Germany/Sri Lanka)
    -Camilla Sparksss voice intro-
    +Camilla Sparksss “Are You OK” (Faker Remix) (Kenora, Ontario)
    *Lloren “More” (London, England)
    -back and front announce-
    *Kate Davis “Daisy” (New York)
    +Karine Germaix “Je Brule” (Saint-Nazaire, France)
    -Leanne Kingwell voice intro-
    +Leanne Kingwell vs. Jonathan L “I Got You Babe” (Melbourne / Berlin)
    *Tiny Fighter “Strangest Thing” (Stockholm, Sweden)
    -back and front announce-
    *Hazel English “Off My Mind” (Los Angeles, CA)
    *Calista (Kazuko) “Benzo Belle” (London, England)
    -Secret Treehouse voice intro-
    +Secret Treehouse “At Sunrise” (Bergen, Norway)
    *Maja Kristina “Idiot” (Oslo, Norway)
    -back and front announce-
    *Bourn “Thinking About You” (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)
    *HMS Morris “Babanod” (Cardiff, Wales)
    STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE: Bush Tetras “Trip” (2012)
    +A Girl Called Eddy “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” (United Kingdom)
    -back and front announce-
    *Amari f/ IOVA “Hands All Over Mine” (Belgium)
    *Carina T “Bucket List” (London, England)
    -Kid Moxie voice intro-
    *Kid Moxie w/ Angelo Badalamenti “Mysteries Of Love” (Greece/Los Angeles)
    *La Roux “International Woman Of Leisure” (Brixton, England)
    *Anna Calvi f/Courtney Barnett “Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy” (London)
    -back and front announce-
    +Jamila & The Other Heroes “Aliens In My Bed” (Berlin, Germany)

Author: Jonathan L

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