@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY November 27, 8pm, 2022

#604 ——Switzerland Special–

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill “Chilli Dub”
RE-201 f/ Doug Wimbish & Dellé “Another One Bites The Dust”
-Gina Été voice intro-
Gina Été “Machs Gut”
Melday “Ride Or Die”
-back and front announce-
Müslüm “Gugele”
Luca Hänni “Dynamit”
-DEVN6 voice intro-
DEVN6 “Resurrection (Original Mix)
Hermanos Gutiérrez “El Bueno Y El Malo”
-back and front announce-
Vikings Of Blues “Open Up”
Veronica Fusaro “Better With You”
-Miracle Flair voice intro-
Miracle Flair “In Love And Hate”
Nat Schedler “Mile To Go”
-back and front announce-
Bonnie & The Groove Cats “Bourbon”
Misha Kovar “Die Königin der Nacht”
-Coreign voice intro-
Coreign “Greed”
The Green Flamingos “Will You Be My Friend?”
-back and front announce-
Me And The Rest “Riding With The Wind”
Börni “New Heights”
-Kety Fusco voice intro-
Kety Fusco “Shivers”
The Churchill Garden “Light”
-back and front announce-
Panaviscope “Sham”
RIDI “Merry Go Round”
-Jessy Howe voice intro-
Jessy Howe “Message Of Love”
-back and front announce-
Paul Etterlin “What’s The Use”
-Beth Wimmer voice intro-
Beth Wimmer “Restless Memory”
Emilie Zoé “Across The Border”
-back and front announce-
Cellar Darling “Dance”

Author: Jonathan L

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