No Facebook. Bad.

After over 5 years in its current form, the 107.5 andHow.FM Facebook page is persona-non-grata at Zuckerberg Hall.

In spite of our numerous financial transactions with the social media feed’s attempt to turn a profit with our ads over the years.  As of 25th March 2016, our Facebook page has been taken down.

There was no warning.

No messages to advise of anything that required a review based on their convoluted, confusing, acceptable use policies.

We were not aware of any questionable content and have extensively reviewed a RSS feed of our Facebook page post history and are still scratching our heads.  We still have had no communication from them, before or since this incident.

One minute we were there, the next minute.  *POOF*!  Nothing. Nada. Nil. Nein. Nyet.

This was a on-going and organic collective effort from our international on-air personalities and announcers such as Chris MundayJeff Shelton, Marty Kuhrt aka. Marvin Hamster, Brian Blum, Jonathan L, Ola, Mark Copeland, Dennis the Menace and the indie music blog FEW Music.   A place where we could all regularly jointly promote our extraordinary passion for music with colorful and talented personalities, to create and maintain a platform for nurturing and developing the indie rock entity, that after 17 years is simply known as andHow.FM.

We have submitted the standard “what the hell is going on here?” messages via their “Report an Issue” support portals.  Which you can do yourself, any little support certainly couldn’t hurt our efforts for reinstatement.   You can click here and have your say!

The original URL of the page –

We are expectedly a bit disappointed in their draconian efforts to do something so heavy-handed, based on a dogma that is completely unknown to us or anyone else at this stage.  This is especially disturbing because we were also long time paying customers of Facebook Ads as well.   But in spite of the perceived setback, we are still jamming the free world, one person at a time since 1998.

P.S.  We are still alive and well on Twitter for those of you who are so inclined. 

Be indie,

Reverend Aquaman

Author: Reverend Aquaman

Got indie?! A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, hand-picked, indie, alternative, modern, vintage rock & more radio since 1998 at andHow.FM & 107.5 FM Mangaroa Valley, New Zealand.

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