Ola’s Kool Kitchen 383

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW Thursday 11pm GMT on Andhow.FM welcome to my sonic magical kingdom with

Show 383

  1. Karen 0 and Danger Mouse-Woman-Lux Prima-BMG
  2. Best Coast-When I’m With You-Crazy For You-Mexican Summer
  3. Human Barbie – The Village Priest-The Village Priest-Happyfoot Sadfoot Records
  4. Good Coffee – Lemon Haze-single-Santa Rosa Records
  5. GoldenStates – Kiss It-single-self release
  6. Chai-Choose Go!-Pink-Sony Music Label
  7. Sasami-Callous-Sasami-Domino Records
  8. Grimes Featuring Aristophanes-Scream-Art Angels-4AD
  9. The Comet Is Coming-Summon The Fire-Trust In The Lifeforce of The Deep Mystery-Impusle! Records
  10. The Animals-Don’t Bring Me Down-single-Decca Records
  11. The Lolas-Soul 70-Soul 70-single-Schema
  12. Belisama -Belisama Part 2-Single- Disques Vogue
  13. Angelo De Augustine- Time-Tomb-Asthmatic Kitty
  14. Hand Habits-The Book on How to Change Part II-Placeholder-Saddle Creek
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