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Two special sets of music on this week’s Brainwaves. “Brother” songs from Orphaned Land and Toad the Wet Sprocket, plus six songs about “running” from the Polyphonic Spree, the Buzzcocks, MissFlag, Snow Patrol, Vampire Weekend and the Doves. Rami & Eiland like to sleep alone. Starcastle wonders “Where have they gone?” And much more. Don’t walk but run to listen to this week’s show!

#576 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Suburban Spell “Fools And Clowns” (Melbourne, Australia)-Die Snapes voice intro-*Die Snapes “Anna-Lena” (Köln, Germany)-René voice intro-*René “What Is Real?” (San Francisco, CA)*Ken Bauer “I Just Wanna Rave” (Sweden)-back and front announce-*Tom Gaebel Orchestra “Coach Me If You Can” (Köln, Germany)-Tom Gaebel voice intro-*Tom Gaebel Orchestra […]

It’s Israel’s 74th birthday this week, so it’s time for the annual Brainwaves all-Israeli music special. Songs in Hebrew and English, all originating in the Holy Land. You’ll hear Ethnic, Forestt, Natan Goshen, Red Meadow, Monika Sex, Avraham Tal, Efo HaYeled, Mashina, Beit HaBubot, Ivri Lider and much more. Open your cultural lens and enjoy music you’ll hear nowhere else but Brainwaves.

#575 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Kid Alina “Best Friends For Ever” (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)*Data Dreads “Dub A Rub” (Germany/International)-Stereoskop voice intro-*Stereoskop “Hazel Eyes” (Spain)*People On TV “Stand” (Brisbane, Australia)-back and front announce-*Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys “Purple Zone” (London)-Conscious Route voice intro-*Conscious Route w/ Scott Bathgate “Indentured” (Scotland)-Die Dorks voice […]

Taking a riff off of Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic web series, Brainwaves brings you songs about taxis and taxes (but actually no comedians, that was a tiny fib to get your attention). Music from Leisure Process, the Buzzcocks, Taxi Taxi, Pink Floyd, the Porcupine Tree, the Stranglers, the Bellyachers, Norman Salant and his saxophone madness, Men without Hats and much more. Don’t let doing your taxes get you down. There’s a taxi for that on this week’s Brainwaves.

#574 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Popcaan “Firm And Strong” (Max Rubadup remix) (Jamaica)-The Keplarians voice intro-*The Keplerians “Spaceship Earth” (Lisbon, Portugal)-Sarah Angel voice intro-*Sarah Angel “Let Me Go” (United Kingdom)*Telefís “There Goes Waterface with Mrs Hegarty” (Ireland)-back and front announce-*Lashade “Simmer” (Manchester, England)*Major Parkinson “Baseball” (Bergen, Norway)-Stereoskop voice intro-*Stereoskop “The […]

It’s Passover week and you know what that means – two hours of eclectic alternative indie music for the holiday. Themed songs all about Egypt, slaves, princes, snakes, frogs, blood, bread and an ol’ man named (Amos) Moses. It’s coming up on this week’s annual Brainwaves Passover special!

#573 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *The Hellacopters “So Sorry I Could Die” (Stockholm, Sweden)*Billy Craig “Tears For Ukraine” (N. America)-Rammstein intro-*Rammstein “Zeit” (Berlin, Germany)*6th Crowd “Sokolonko” (Kyiv, Ukraine)-back and front announce-+AbsolutUnsa “Ecoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)-Steve Wynn/The Dream Syndicate voice intro-*The Dream Syndicate “Where I’ll Stand” (New York)-KIDSØ voice intro-*KIDSØ […]

Brian Blum plays Brian Wilson on this week’s Brainwaves as the Beach Boys frontman revives a long-lost classic. Plus four songs about “eyes” from Bill Nelson, Snow Patrol, Keane and the Lords of the New Church. And more of your favorite eclectic indie alternative – Mishael Dickman, Nada Surf, Mashina, Bloc Party, Sterolab and much more.

#572 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Roberto Pennisi “Moto e Blues” (Italy/ Germany)*Skyblasters “Stay With Me” (Belgium)-Libre Stone voice intro-*Libre Stone “Find My Way Home” (Bath, England)*Principe Valiante “The Impossibles” (Stockholm, Sweden)-back and front announce-*Yumi Zouma “Give It Hell” (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)-Mexican Dogs voice intro-*Mexican Dogs “She Cries Blues” (Liverpool, […]

Brian’s wife Jody doesn’t love everything he plays on Brainwaves. So this week, two hours of music designed especially to pass “the Jody test.” Melodic pretty indie pop from Teenage Fanclub, Cheap Star, Josh Pyke, Nick Hayward, the Bangles, Rosi Golan, Lili Frost, the Go-Betweens, Joe Jackson, Iron & Wine and much more. Jody loves this show. You will too!

#571 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *AbsolutUnsa “Ecoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)*Ann Wilson (Heart) “Greed” (Seattle, WA)-Lia Hide voice intro-*Lia Hide “Proposal” (Athens, Greece)-rOZZ voice intro-*rOZZ “Una terra promesa” (Genk, Belgium)-back and front announce-*22 Oceans “Drifting” (Liverpool, England)*Joanne “Midnight” (Athens, Greece)-Aniqo voice intro-Aniqo “Vivre Libre” (Berlin, Germany) -Lola Dutronic voice intro- […]

This week on Brainwaves, songs about changes. Music from David Bowie, the Stills, Old Man River, the New Pornographers, Gin Blossoms, Ben Folds, Daft Punk, the Stranglers, the Killers and much more! (Don’t worry, nothing’s changing about Brainwaves, other than even better music than ever!)

#570 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Sun & Dark “On My Mind” (Germany)*The Hedge Hoppers “Powder Blue” (Ontario, Canada)-Lola Dutronic voice intro-*Lola Dutronic “Get Us To The Eurovision” (Canada/Germany)*Dave Kensington “Paris S’ennuie” (Paris France)-back and front announce-Joan Jett all new acoustic set celebrating 40 years*Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Light Of […]

Peace songs because, well, you know. From David Broza, Juliana Hatfield, Albert Hammond and the Bats. Plus some shiny songs, too: Harper Simon, Echo and the Bunnymen, Donovan, Jonathan Edwards. It’s all on this week’s Brainwaves.

#569 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Captain Rico & The Ghost Band “Dracula On Skateboard” (Basque County, France)*LazyRave “Work” (Newcastle, England)-Luc Stargazer voice intro-*Luc Stargazer “Tulips In Rain” (Dresden, Germany)*Dj Poolboi f/ Theresa Ng’ambi “Malo Okoma” (Austin, TX / Zambia)-back and front announce-*Fintan McKahey “Amber” (Cork, Ireland)*Chris Imler “Operation Schönheit” (Berlin, […]

Voices of bees to start this week’s Brainwaves – The Bee Gees and Voice of the Beehive, yes, but also Neil Halstead (Queen Bee) and the Residents (Mr. Bee’s Bumble). And let’s get wild with a set of “wild” songs from the Stranglers, Timbuk 3, Lovedrug, Talking Heads and Michael Greilsammer. All that and more on eclectic alternative indie Brainwaves.

#568 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Fundemental Truth “Warning” (United Kingdom)*Conscious Route & Scotbath f/ Sean Focus “ Love & Institutions” (Scotland)-Munday Martin voice intro-*Munday Martin “Reactor” (Nashville, TN)*Nani “Berlin Berlin” (Berlin, Germany/ Indonesia)-back and front announce-*Liam Gallagher “Everything’s Electric” Manchester, England)*Amari “It Ends With You” (Belgium)-Third Girl From The Left […]

Last week’s Brainwaves was a special “all 70s songs in covers” episode. This week: the original 70s versions of those songs. Same playlist but with the original artists. Including 70s bands you know and love: Rod Stewart, ELO, Big Star, Three Dog Night, Jim Croce, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Genesis, Christie, the Hudson Brothers and three songs from Pink Floyd. Plus much more. Hop in the Brainwaves hot tub time machine!

#567 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Emmy Meli “I Am Woman” (Torrance, CA)*Anitta “Boy’s Don’t Cry” (Rio de Janeiro)-Reebz voice intro-+Reebz “Skin” (Gloucester, U.K.)*Pierced Arrows “Hurray For The Riff Riff” (Portland, OR)-back and front announce-*Kala Chng “Blind” (China/ Brighton, England)+Kid Alina (Alina Welsch) “4in1 Mix” (Baden Württemberg, Germany)-Tsunari voice intro-+Tsunari “Dai […]