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It’s the Emilys this week on Brainwaves. “Emily” songs from Martha Wainright, Fool’s Garden, the Manic Street Preachers and Keane. Plus a double play from Juliana Hatfield, fun from fun. and the Beach Boys, Nada Surf covering Depeche Mode, XTC getting religious and, for our trip back to the pop 70s, one of the most maligned songs of the decade (but one which we still love). What’s the song? Tune in to find out!

Hanukah came early this year so it’s not quite the dead of winter, but that’s not a reason to forego the Brainwaves annual “all light” episode. Music to light up the darkness from bands you know and love (and some you don’t): Snow Patrol, Apples in Stereo, Owl City, Andrew Belle, King Harvest, Aviv Geffen, Starflower, Azure Ray, .fun and much more. Don’t let the dark get you down. Get light. This week on Brainwaves.

This week’s Brainwaves takes us on a journey from darkness into the light in honor of the holiday of Hanukah which starts this week. But given some of the darkness in the world today, we could all use a little light, right? So, the first half of this week’s show includes all songs about the dark; the second half is music with “light” in the title. Dark Side of the Moon vs. I Saw The Light. Tune in this week and banish the shadows!

On this week’s Brainwaves, a trip to the suburbs with Ben Folds, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Kevin Gilbert and Griddle. The Monkees and ELO both ask, please “don’t bring me down.” R.E.M. has the antidote (“Get up!”) And the Rutles say, “Ouch!” It’s all coming up on this week’s show!

“Polyamory makes me smile.”
Did we get your attention?
This week’s show isn’t about polyamory but we do have some tunes from the Polyphonic Spree to kick off the episode. Plus a set of “smile” songs from Chicago, the Flying Machine, Michael Lord, Barenaked Ladies, and The The. Plus a double play from Sean Lennon.
Get on the love train with this week’s awesome Brainwaves.

Brainwaves heads to the moon with five “moon” songs to open the show, from Beck, Regina Spector, Blind Pilot, Lush and Shlomo Artzi. Plus music from Icona Pop, Translator, the National, the Magnetic Fields, the Electrics, the Bottles and Israeli indie poppers I Got the Hotties.

OK, Halloween was a couple of days ago, but Brainwaves isn’t missing the chance to bring you a set of music about ghosts! From the Rewinds, Simple Minds, Aimee Mann and We Ghosts. Do ghosts care what time it really is? Let’s ask Chicago and the Guess Who. But don’t get me started – we also have a set of “start” music from the Editors, The Jam, They Might be Giants and the Shirts. Boo! It’s Brainwaves.

Long songs on this week’s Brainwaves. Instead of the usual three to four-minute tunes, how about musical suites that last for 10, 20 minutes or more? That’s what’s on the “long show” of Brainwaves. Long songs from 10cc, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Chicago, Arcade Fire, Spock’s Beard, the Beatles, Yes and Genesis. Rock and roll, glam, prog, pop – it’s all coming up on this week’s show.

Music from Regina Specto to start this week’s Brainwaves. All the Rowboats, Fidelity, Little Boxes and You’ve Got Time. Then, some electric music from ELO and the New Pornographers. A nostalgic look back at TV’s “Lost” from the Injustice League. The Tubes are warning you, don’t touch them there. Boz Scaggs is doing the Lido Shuffle and Big Star is partying in the streets. Tune in for great Brainwaves tunes this week and every week!

Music to get turned on to (no, not like that!) “Turn on” music from Bromshead Jacket, the Shins, the Tubes and Toy Matinee. Plus time for a haircut – “hair” songs from The Who, Gumhill Road, America and the Dickies. You want more? Adina Thorpe wants to fly. Loudon Wainright III has a dead skunk he’d like to sell you and stars are dying over at Porcupine Tree headquarters. It’s time for this week’s Brainwaves!

This week on Brainwaves: a set of “holy” music with the Lords of the New Church, the Cure and Matthew Sweet. Two “Amy” songs from Pure Prairie League and the Counting Crows. And a trip to another planet with Julian Cope, the Only Ones and the Individuals. Plus a…Rihanna cover?

When I originally recorded this episode, it was to highlight the indie pop music of Niv Kaikov after his move from Israel to the U.S. He’s back visiting Israel this week with his new band, Willow Mile. I’ll have some of their music on an upcoming episode of Brainwaves. But this week, a listen to a couple of Niv’s rocker solos. Plus we roll through the months of February through November with “dated” songs from The Good Mornings, Pete Yorn, Shlomo Artzi, Earth Wind and Fire, National Skyline, Azure Ray and more.

It was my birthday two weeks ago, but I can’t seem to stop celebrating. So here’s another Brainwaves “birthday” special” with five birthday songs to sing along to – from the Beatles, Altered Images, Kings of Leon, Ex Cops and String Theory. Does that make you happy? K’s Choice is delighted, but the Vapors want to wait for the weekend (as do the Neon Trees and the Super Furry Animals). And we end with a little “silence” from the Dickies, Thomas Dolby and the Goo Goo Dolls.

We’re in the middle of the Jewish New Year – a month of holidays with apples, honey and pomegranates. So Brainwaves presents some tunes for a new beginning – from Azure Ray, Camera Obscura, Spirit of the West and Idan Raichel. Plus music to drive home to from Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, Steven Wilson, Madness, R.E.M., Arco and Neil Halstead. And if that’s not enough, there’s a “yellow” set on this week’s show too with music from Christie, Elton John, Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, 20/20 and the Cranberries.

It’s Brainwaves’ host Brian’s birthday this week. Let’s wish him a big mazel tov. And tune in for great music from Imagine Dragons, Arcade Fire, Feist, Tom Petty, Good Old War, Pere Ubu, Josh Pyke, Jim Yoshi, Mike Oldfield, Redeye and much more. How old is Brian? You’ll have to tune in to find out…

On the last days of August, let’s bring it home with a cover of the Phillip Phillips’ song “Home.” Plus bubblegum pop from Annemarie. Punk from Nina Hagen and the Tubes. Progressive rock from ELO and Pink Floyd. Some trance to dance to from Antiquex. And a bit of “loud radio” from Israeli rockers Tislam. It’s all on this week’s Brainwaves.

rainwaves favorite Juliana Hatfield is back with three songs to kick off this week’s show, including a cover of another Brainwaves fave, Pete Yorn. Plus music from The Monochrome Set, Kodaline, Wake Owl, Joy vision, Elbow, Grandaddy, Timmy Thomas, the Lemonheads, the Old 97s and much, much more.

rainwaves A to Z is back with the “V” show – two hours of bands and songs starting with the letter “V.” You’ll hear music from Visage, the Vapors, Vampire Weekend, the Voices, Voice of the Beehive and the Village People. Plus “V” songs from Teenage Fanclub, the Doves, Nada Surf, Genesis, the Weakerthans and so much more. “V” stands for the VERY best music. Don’t miss this show!

Don’t worry, Brainwaves isn’t saying goodbye. Just some “goodbye” songs on this week’s show, from Steam, Lobo, Squeeze, Supertramp, Jeff Buckley and the Bats. Plus Blackfield says “Hello.” A double play of obscure Genesis and double Beats – but not the same band. It’s all coming up this week on Brainwaves.

rainwaves. Plus some beach music from Blotto and Queen. Rosi Golan wants to shine, Mission of Burma wants to fight and OMD just wants a souvenir. Come collect yours on this week’s Brainwaves.