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Music for the Masses

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Author: Brian Blum

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More summer music for a hot summer on this week’s Brainwaves. Blotto wants to be a lifeguard, while Rosi Golan just wants to shine. Telephone tunes from 10cc, Kraftwerk and ELO. Queen takes us on a seaside rendezvous, Splinter sprints us to Costafinetown. And the Bangles are walking like an Egyptian. Get out the sunscreen. It’s summer fun at Brainwaves.

From Mike Cavanaugh to Phillip Glass, it’s a truly eclectic alternative episode of Brainwaves.  Plus music from Blind Pilot, Pete Shelley, Modest Mouse, the National, a double play from Procul Harem and the full “Close to the Edge” suite by Yes. It’s all in this week’s Brainwaves. Tune in!

We always try to pick the hottest day/week/month of the year to air the Brainwaves annual summer special. Well, it’s supposed to be in the high 90s Fahrenheit (mid 30s Celsius) all this week outside the Brainwaves studios. So, it’s time for that show! Summer songs from Sounds Under Radio, Blitzen Trapper, Alice Cooper, Bowling for Soup, Pink Floyd, Mungo Jerry, Seals & Croft, and not one but two summer songs from Fountains of Wayne. Stay cool, listen to Brainwaves.

Brainwaves presents “mistake” songs on this week’s show. Split Enz: My Mistake; Smashing Pumpkins: My Mistake; Aviv Gefen: A Million Mistakes. But you can’t make a mistake by listening to Brainwaves. Also on the show: Nick Cave, Sean Lennon, Simple Minds, A Flock of Seagulls, Heaven 17, Vampire Weekend, Billy Idol and much more. Don’t change that dial – now, that really would be a mistake!

Steven Wilson has been described as “the most talented musician most people have never heard of.” But the prolific Wilson has headed up multiple bands – the Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Blackfield, Storm Corrosion – plus he’s released seven stellar solo albums. So this week, it’s all Steven Wilson on Brainwaves. Music from all his bands and collaborations, including with Israeli pop star Ninet Tayeb. The songs on this week’s show are on Wilson’s mellower end, with a side of metal thrown in here and there. Brainwaves is obsessed. Soon you will be, too!

Brainwaves presents a trivia game: Who are the artists Assaf, Lisa, Wim & Jeff leading off this week’s show? Tune in to find out. (Hint: it’s a “puzzle” to “strive” for “pleasure” but when you get there you’ll be singing Hallelujah!) Plus music from Gang of Four, Roxy Music, Tripping Daisy, America, Neon Trees and Daft Punk. It’s all on this week’s show.

Brian has been working on an article about new propulsion systems for satellites. Brainwaves would be remiss by not playing this special “satellite” episode. With space-y music from the Bats, David Williams, Counting Crows, Doves and David Bowie. Also on the show, a set to remind us of our children – or in Brian’s case grandchildren (one down, one on the way) – with songs from the Cure, Blackfield, Ben Folds, Mates of State, ELO and 10cc. Don’t go to sleep – it’s Brainwaves!

Four songs about Emily on this week’s Brainwaves. See Emily Play – starting with a cover of the Pink Floyd song by Martha Wainright. Then Emily music from Fool’s Garden, the Manic Street Preachers and Keane. There’s also a cool Pink Floyd instrumental, a Juliana Hatfield double play, and a song often dubbed the worst pop song ever (but one that we over at Brainwaves still like) – can you guess? Tune in and find out!

Three Beatles covers for you this week on Brainwaves – from the Polyphonic Spree, Walk off the Earth and the Bellyachers. Plus two from John and Yoko’s son Sean. Also on the show: Music from the Olms, Matt Pond PA, Keane, Ten Story Relapse, the Replacements, Modest Mouse and much more.

This week in Israel is the holiday of L’ag B’Omer, which is marked with bonfires, music and dancing. So, on the latest Brainwaves, we’ve got at least one “fire” song on the show. (It’s ELO’s “Fire on High,” in case you were wondering.) Plus three “toy” songs, a couple of “dog” songs (plus Dr. Dog and Three Dog Night), and the Archies, Barenaked Ladies and Magazine all get “upside down.” Get fired up and tune in this week!

Brainwaves this week spotlights the Israeli indie band “I’ve Got the Hotties” – that’s their translation, kinda strange but the song we’re playing, “All the Reasons” is amazing. Plus six “moon” songs from Beck, Regina Spektor, Blind Pilot, Lush, Shlomo Artzi and Moon Unit Zappa. Also on the show: Radiohead and Norman Greenbaum give us the spirit, while Edward Sharpe goes janglin’ with his Magnetic Fields.

Brainwaves celebrates Israel Independence Day this week with our annual all-Israeli music episode. The top hits, and some obscure ones too, from the Land of Milk and Honey. You’ll hear music from Ethnix, Yehuda Poliker, the Tractor’s Revenge, Forestt, Avraham Tal, Niv Kaikov, two Banais (Ehud and Evyatar), Botzer and two songs from Mashina. Plus much more. Happy 75th birthday!

Over at Brainwaves, we’ve been obsessed with the R.E.M. covers compilation from 2021, “A Carnival of Sorts.” So, this week on the show, it’s all R.E.M. – a cover followed by the original version by the band. Among the amazing cover artists: GodNo!, Aderyn, Bandicoot, Piney Air, DG Solaris, the Pocket Gods, ST Manville, Quivers, Hadda Be, and many more. If you love R.E.M. or want to compare & contrast, this is the show for you!

Here at Brainwaves, we’d rather take a taxi than pay taxes. So here’s a show with songs about…taxes and taxis, of course. Music from Leisure Process, David Crosby & Graham Nash, the Steve Miller Band, the Buzzcocks, the Stranglers, Porcupine Tree, and – how could we not – Taxi Taxi.  Plus two from Brainwaves favorites Deaf School. Who knew hailing taxis and paying your taxes could be so much fun!

Songs about ghosts to start this week’s Brainwaves. With the Rewinds, We Ghosts, Simple Minds, and Aimee Mann. Is it time for spirits? Chicago thinks so. The Guess Who say no, there’s no time. Radiohead, the Delgados, the Shirts and Throbbing Gristle in there, too. It’s all on Brainwaves this week. Tune in! Band Song […]

Brainwaves goes long-form this week. As in: Every song is part of a lengthy suite of music. Only a few bands this week: 10cc, Pink Floyd, Elton John, No-Man, Spock’s Beard, Arcade Fire, Chicago, the Beatles, Genesis and Yes. If you like long songs with a (mostly) progressive bent, this is your show!

If you enjoyed “Brainwaves A to Z,” the special series of this show playing tunes from Brian’s iTunes collections alphabetically, then you don’t want to miss this retrospective – one song from each letter, in a row. A = A-Ha. B = B-Movie, D = The Dandy Warhols, F = The Feelies, K = Kishi Bashi, P = Paul McCartney, Q = Queen, R = R.E.M., U = U2, W = Willow Mile, X = XTC, Z = Zombies. Plus a surprise bonus at the very end. Get your alphabetical groove on this week with Brainwaves A to Z – the absolutely, very last, never again alphabetical episode.

Brainwaves kicks off this week with a song about all the rowboats, thee start of a four-song set from Brainwaves favorite Regina Spektor. Plus great music from Big Star, Joan Jett, ELO, Josh Pike, Boz Scaggs, LCD Soundsystem, Robyn Hitchcock, the Dickies and much more. Get off your rowboat and tune in!

Brainwaves invites you to get turned on this week. With Bromshead Jacket, the Shins, the Tubes and Toy Matinee. The Who never want to cut their hair (maybe they should hook up with America’s Sister Golden Hair Surprise). Nick Heyward used to be into hair, too, heading up the band Haircut 100. Are you a Passionate Friend? The Teardrop Explodes sure hopes so. And there’s a dead skunk heading up our 70s pop flashback. It’s all on Brainwaves this week.

Last week, Brainwaves gave you songs about rain. And guess what, it’s still raining! Coldplay is shivering, while Vanilla Sky needs the umbrella originally made famous by Rihanna. Also on the show: “holy” songs from the Lords of the New Church, Matthew Sweet and the Cure. Two songs about Amy/Amie. Sheena is a punk rocker. The Not Sensibles are in love with Margaret Thatcher. And the Barenaked Ladies wonder what would happen if they had a million dollars. (We do too!) It’s all on this week’s Brainwaves! Tune in.