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#575 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Kid Alina “Best Friends For Ever” (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)*Data Dreads “Dub A Rub” (Germany/International)-Stereoskop voice intro-*Stereoskop “Hazel Eyes” (Spain)*People On TV “Stand” (Brisbane, Australia)-back and front announce-*Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys “Purple Zone” (London)-Conscious Route voice intro-*Conscious Route w/ Scott Bathgate “Indentured” (Scotland)-Die Dorks voice […]

#574 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Popcaan “Firm And Strong” (Max Rubadup remix) (Jamaica)-The Keplarians voice intro-*The Keplerians “Spaceship Earth” (Lisbon, Portugal)-Sarah Angel voice intro-*Sarah Angel “Let Me Go” (United Kingdom)*Telefís “There Goes Waterface with Mrs Hegarty” (Ireland)-back and front announce-*Lashade “Simmer” (Manchester, England)*Major Parkinson “Baseball” (Bergen, Norway)-Stereoskop voice intro-*Stereoskop “The […]

#573 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *The Hellacopters “So Sorry I Could Die” (Stockholm, Sweden)*Billy Craig “Tears For Ukraine” (N. America)-Rammstein intro-*Rammstein “Zeit” (Berlin, Germany)*6th Crowd “Sokolonko” (Kyiv, Ukraine)-back and front announce-+AbsolutUnsa “Ecoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)-Steve Wynn/The Dream Syndicate voice intro-*The Dream Syndicate “Where I’ll Stand” (New York)-KIDSØ voice intro-*KIDSØ […]

#572 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Roberto Pennisi “Moto e Blues” (Italy/ Germany)*Skyblasters “Stay With Me” (Belgium)-Libre Stone voice intro-*Libre Stone “Find My Way Home” (Bath, England)*Principe Valiante “The Impossibles” (Stockholm, Sweden)-back and front announce-*Yumi Zouma “Give It Hell” (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)-Mexican Dogs voice intro-*Mexican Dogs “She Cries Blues” (Liverpool, […]

#571 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *AbsolutUnsa “Ecoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)*Ann Wilson (Heart) “Greed” (Seattle, WA)-Lia Hide voice intro-*Lia Hide “Proposal” (Athens, Greece)-rOZZ voice intro-*rOZZ “Una terra promesa” (Genk, Belgium)-back and front announce-*22 Oceans “Drifting” (Liverpool, England)*Joanne “Midnight” (Athens, Greece)-Aniqo voice intro-Aniqo “Vivre Libre” (Berlin, Germany) -Lola Dutronic voice intro- […]

#570 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Sun & Dark “On My Mind” (Germany)*The Hedge Hoppers “Powder Blue” (Ontario, Canada)-Lola Dutronic voice intro-*Lola Dutronic “Get Us To The Eurovision” (Canada/Germany)*Dave Kensington “Paris S’ennuie” (Paris France)-back and front announce-Joan Jett all new acoustic set celebrating 40 years*Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Light Of […]

#569 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Captain Rico & The Ghost Band “Dracula On Skateboard” (Basque County, France)*LazyRave “Work” (Newcastle, England)-Luc Stargazer voice intro-*Luc Stargazer “Tulips In Rain” (Dresden, Germany)*Dj Poolboi f/ Theresa Ng’ambi “Malo Okoma” (Austin, TX / Zambia)-back and front announce-*Fintan McKahey “Amber” (Cork, Ireland)*Chris Imler “Operation Schönheit” (Berlin, […]

#568 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Fundemental Truth “Warning” (United Kingdom)*Conscious Route & Scotbath f/ Sean Focus “ Love & Institutions” (Scotland)-Munday Martin voice intro-*Munday Martin “Reactor” (Nashville, TN)*Nani “Berlin Berlin” (Berlin, Germany/ Indonesia)-back and front announce-*Liam Gallagher “Everything’s Electric” Manchester, England)*Amari “It Ends With You” (Belgium)-Third Girl From The Left […]

#567 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Emmy Meli “I Am Woman” (Torrance, CA)*Anitta “Boy’s Don’t Cry” (Rio de Janeiro)-Reebz voice intro-+Reebz “Skin” (Gloucester, U.K.)*Pierced Arrows “Hurray For The Riff Riff” (Portland, OR)-back and front announce-*Kala Chng “Blind” (China/ Brighton, England)+Kid Alina (Alina Welsch) “4in1 Mix” (Baden Württemberg, Germany)-Tsunari voice intro-+Tsunari “Dai […]

#566 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Furah Dread “Heart Is Smart” (South Africa)-Kill The Giants voice intro-*Kill The Giants w/ voice of Boris Johnson “Rule For Us” (St Albans, U.K.)-Vonamor voice intro-*Vonamor “Take Your Heart” (Rome, Italy)*Incarma f/ Elea Bockelmann “Terminal 1” (Nürnberg, Germany)-back and front announce-*The McKenzie FIX * Don’t […]

#565 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Mexican Dogs “Run, Run, Run” (Liverpool, England)*Kin Chi Kat f/ Ashley “Seduction (Ted Nilsson Remix)” (Ukraine)-Chris Wicked voice intro-*Chris Wicked “SØRGEBÅND Remix” (Bergen, Norway)*Sudler’s Row “Galactic Gypsy” (Delaware, USA)-back and front announce- SPECIAL TRIBUTE SET by Art Garfunkel Jr. of songs by Simon & Garfunkel […]

#558 SPECIAL EDITION— René “Cool Cat” (San Francisco)-Modesty Blaise voice intro-Modesty Blaise “Natalie Vendredi” (Bristol, England)-Alissa Janine voice intro-Alissa Janine “Spätkauf Engel” (Berlin, Germany/ Thailand)-Chris Wicked voice intro-Chris Wicked “Aleine-The Sprawl Remix” (Bergen,Norway)-back and front announce-The Jet Reds “Pamela” (Northumberland, England)-Paul-Ronny Angel voice intro-Paul-Ronny Angel “2020 Pain In The Ass” (London, England)-Michael Schultz voice intro–Michael […]

#557 Best of SHE SHOW 2021— -Jessy Howe voice intro-Jesse Howe “Song For Us” (Switzerland)-Ellie M voice intro-Ellie M “R.O.C.D” (London, England)-Jihae voice intro-Jihae “Utopia” (pop version) (South Korea/ New York)-Jane and John voice intro-Jane and John “ Boing Boing” (London, England)-back and front announce-Oston “Hypocrite” (Los Angeles, CA)New Sierra “Dirty Me” (Norway)-Clemix voice intro-Clemix […]

#556 –*Denotes first time aired–+ is replay *The Speed Of Sound “Virtual Reality” (Manchester, England)*Misha Kovar “Die Königin der Nacht” (Switzerland)-Hidden People voice intro-*Hidden People “Atteindre” (Lyon, France)-Ray Dorset/Mungo Jerry voice intro-+Mungo Jerry “Happy Happy Birthday” (2015)-back and front announce-*The Pulsebeats “(She Sings Like) Joey Ramone” (Spain/ England)*Nine Beats Collective f/ Barry Taylor “Wild World […]

#555 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Almeeva “To All My Friends” (Gothenburg, Sweden)*No Vacancies “This Feeling” (Manchester, England)-Joan Jett voice intro-*Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “Bad Reputation” (2021 acoustic)*Dubinator f/ William S. Burroughs “Virus B-23” (U.K.)-back and front announce-*Bonnie “Tortured Sweetheart” (Switzerland)*Und Wieder Oktober “Déjà-Vu” (Rheinland, Germany)-Harry Stafford voice intro-*Inca Babies […]

#554 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Electric Mary “King Of Rock n Roll” (Melbourne, Australia)*The KBCS f/ Oliver St. Louis “Pockets” (Hamburg, Germany)-Tears for Fears talk about first new song in 16 years-*Tears For Fears “The Tipping Point” London, England)-The Halo Trees voice intro-*The Halo Trees “The Admiral” (Berlin, Germany)-back and […]

#553 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Oston “Hypocrite” (Los Angeles, CA)+Bianca Dauert “Daneben benehmen” (Rockstroh Extended Mix) (Frankfurt, Germany)-Wanda Jackson voice intro-*Wanda Jackson-Two Shots -featuring Elle King and Joan Jett+L3XDIVINE “Beautiful Confident” (Los Angeles)-back and front announce-+Charlie + Jake “She Wolves” (Bristol, England)*Neu Sierra “Dirty Me” (Norway)-Brigitte Bardini voice intro-*Brigitte Barding […]

#551 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Nathassia “Parasite” (Netherlands /London)*Dennis Bovell meets Dubblestandart “I’m No Robot” (London /Vienna)-The Supermoons voice intro-*The Supermoons “Compassion” (Edinburgh, Scotland)*Hidden People “Merci” (Lyon, France)-back and front announce-*Mr Doris & D-Funk “Cruise Control” (U.K. /Australia)*Yma “7’s & 9’s” (Cypress)-Michael Schulte voice Intro-*Michael Schulte about his song in […]

#550 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Ventrelles “A Symphony Of Sorts” (Manchester, England)*Joan Alaska “No Return” (Corsica, France)-They Might Be Giants voice intro-*They Might Be Giants “I Can’t Remember The Dream” (N. America)*The Royal Belgian Conspiracy “The Programming Is Wrong” (Melbourne, AU)-back and front announce-*Subtle Mullets “Miss You Sober” (Sydney, AU)*Keya […]

#549 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *The Super Moons “All About You” (Edinburgh, Scotland)*You Love Her Coz She’s Dead “Culture Test” (United Kingdom)-Cravism X Maya Diegel voice intro-*Cravism X Maya Diegel “Ladies Night” (Paris/Singapore)*Alex Tronic f/ Conscious Route “Dub Vigrant” (Edinburgh, Scotland)-back and front announce-*Johnny Marr “Spirit, Power And Soul” (album […]