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#548 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Wanda Jackson “That’s What Love Is” (f/ Joan Jett)*Wanda Jackson “Treat Me Like A Lady” (f/ Joan Jett)-Wanda Jackson voice intro-*Wanda Jackson “Big Baby”*Wanda Jackson “You Drive Me Wild” (remix)-back and front announce-*Cara Knox “Tom Walkington” (Norwich, England/South Africa)*Wild Love “I Hate That I Need […]

#547 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— -Irish citizen Shelly voice-*Tara Lee “Boyz” (Dublin)*Fintan McKahey “Lost Ballons” (Cork)-Roy Shiels voice intro-*Roy Shiels “I’d Kill So You Can Eat” (Dublin)-Irish citizen Tracy voice-+Áine Duffy “I’ll Wear White” (Cork)-back and front announce-*Gavin Murphy “Alive” (Dublin)*Davey Long “Last Train To Tupelo” (Kilkenny)-Cat Dowling voice intro-+Cat […]

#546 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Camel’s Drop f/Prince Far Out “Bushbaby” (Belgium)*A-Mase “I Miss You” (Extended Mix) (Azov, Russia)-Alissa Janine voice intro-*Alissa Janine “Spätkauf Engel” (Berlin, Germany /Thailand)*Ray Wilson “Amelia” (Dumfries, Scotland / Poland)-back and front announce-*Olivia Vedder, Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard “My Father’s Daughter” (Seattle)*Paragon Cause “Two To Play” […]

#545 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Tara Vern “Corona Corazón (Sydney, AU/ Lisbon, Portugal)-Intergacltic Brasstronauts voice intro-*Intergalactic Brasstronauts “Bottom Of The Pile” (Yorkshire, England)-Howe Gelb voice intro-*The Colorist Orch. & Howe Gelb f/ Pieta Brown “Sweet Pretender” (Antwerp, Belgium)*Casey Spooner “Team 2 Jet Set Fun” (N. America)-back and front announce-*Helaine Vis […]

#544 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Young Robbie “Cabriolet” (Germany)-St Lucifer voice intro-*St Lucifer “Hellhound For Nova Scotia” (Manchester, England)-Michael Deichert voice intro-*Michael Deichert “Lern wieder zu fliegen” (Bensheim, Germany)*Post Coal Prom Queen f/ Conscious Route “Dragon’s Jaw” (Scotland)-back and front announce-*Jimmy Cliff “Human Touch” (St. James Parish, Jamaica)*Bonnie “If I […]

#543 -denotes first time aired— + is replay— *Bekimachine “Colours” (London, England)*Katherine Aly “Glow & Ignite” (Edinburgh, Scotland)-Antonia Grace voice intro-*Antonia Grace “True Loves’s Kiss” (Paris/London)*Violetta “Creep” (Radiohead cover) (Staffordshire, England)-back and front announce-*Deviant Robots f/ Lizzie Nightinggale “Overload” (Glasgow, Scotland)*Simona “Your Problem” (Bulgaria/ Germany)-Jane & John voice intro-+Jane & John “Boing Boing” (London, England)*Rebecca […]

#542 -denotes first time aired— + is replay— *Keiron Farrow “Next Strain” (Kettering, England)*Arky Starch “Stigmata” (Belgium)-The Halo Trees voice intro-*The Halo Trees “Leave No Fear” (Berlin, Germany)*L3XDIVINE “Beautiful-Confident” (Los Angeles, CA)-back and front announce-*The France “California” (Manchester, England)*The KBCS “Popsicles” (Hamburg, Germany)-The Fabulous Red Diesel voice intro-*The Fabulous Red Diesel “Mama Josie Said” (St. […]

#541 Berlin era— 27 BEST TRACKS SO FAR THIS YEAR!— Third Girl From The Left “The Mountain And The Wave” (United Kingdom)-Modesty Blaise voice intro-Modesty Blaise “Natalie Vendredi” (Bristol, England)-Chris Wicked voice intro-Chris Wicked “Aleine” (The Sprawl remix) (Bergen, Norway)Yaadcore, Jah9 & Subatomic Sound System “Police In Helicopter” (Jamaica)-back and front announce-The Jet Reds “Pamela” […]

#540 *denotes first time aired—+ is replay— *Boogie Beasts “Favorite Scene” (Belgium) *Antwerp House Squad f/ Sakso “Love Tonight” (Belgium) -Colin Moulding voice intro- *Colin Moulding “The Hardest Battle” (Swindon, England) *Kaya Street “Fire In The Street” (Bristol, England) -back and front announce- *.Fen “Life Is So Beautiful” (Belgium) *The Silence Industry “Lean (Into Me)” […]

#539 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *Eisregen “Am Ende” (Thüringen, Germany)*Fuzz Skyler “Don’t Fight It Out” (London, England)*Adam Kneale f/J.Rob & The Crushboys “5:21” (Melbourne, AU)-Ferhat voice intro-*Ferhat “My Istanbul” (Berlin, Germany)*Amber Kuo “A Scarlet Riding Hood” (Taiwan)-back and front announce-*St Lucifer “The Witching Hour” (Manchester, England)*Kaya Street […]

#538 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *Nutronixx “Wish We Were Lovers” (Berlin, Germany)*Peter Pan Pan “Let It Out” (Paris, France)-Alex Bedford voice intro-*Alex Bedford “Stand By Me” (Ben E King remake) (Strattfordshire, England)*Spray “Félicette (Space Cat)” (Strasbourg, France)-back and front announce-*Jack Tiernan “Insecure” ( Athlone, Ireland)*Captain Jack f/ […]

#537 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *Vikings Of Blues “Open Up” (Switzerland)*Jane and John “Boing Boing” (London, England)-The Night Flight Orchestra voice intro-*The Night Flight Orchestra “Burn For Me” (Helsingborg, Sweden)*Otherside f/ Kendo & Scala “No More” (Rüsselsheim, Germany)-back and front announce-*The A.V Club “Better Days” (Manchester, England)-Tequist […]

#536 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— -Iceland World Cup Football Chant 2018-*Years After “Stand Back” (Bergen, Norway)*The Tölks “Beside The Deathbed” (Finland)-Vestamaren voice intro-*Vestamaren “Error Come Save Me” (Norway)+Major Parkinson “Impermanence” (Bergen, Norway)-back and front announce-*Crimson Peak “Lies” (Helsinki, Finland)+Chris Wicked “Aleine (The Sprawl Remix)” (Bergen, Norway)-Chris Wicked […]

#535 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *The Kings Pond Shantymen “Roll That Cotten Down” (East Hampshire, England)*Travelin’ Blues Kings “Too Many People” (Belgium)-Gina Été voice intro-*Gina Été “Somnifére” (Zurich, Switzerland)*Jaap Stamina “Into My Eyes” (Kent, England)-back and front announce-*Justin Sullivan -Solo “Stone And Heather” (Bradford, England)-Justin Sullivan/ New […]

#534 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *Hans Deville “Mr Wolf” (London, England)*Louise Rutkowski “Forbidden Fruit” (Glasgow, Scotland)-Clan Of Xymox/Ronny Moorings voice intro-*Clan Of Xymox “Brave New World” (Invisible Remix) (Leipzig, Germany)-Fire Sign voice Intro-*Fire Sign “There’s A Hunger There That Leaves Me Cold” (edit)(London, England)-back and front announce-*Calming […]

#533 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— -Tony Moore about the Exclusive Premiere of “Wake Up” Album- *Tony Moore “Awake” Album Side A” AWAKE – BV’s iLO – Drums Tommy HardenTHE CLOCK HAS STARTEDLOVE, WE NEED YOU HERE – BV’s iLOJUST ONE NIGHT – Opening Voice Lorrie Harden BV’s […]

#532 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *Donner f/ Marte Eberson “Night By Night” (Norway)-Jihae voice intro-*Jihae “Utopia” (New York/ South Korea)*(TGC) The Green Children “Sophie” (Oslo, Norway)-Clemix voice intro-*Clemix “Mauvais Plan” (Acoustic) (Brussels, Belgium)-back and front announce-*Gypsy and the Slums “Her(e)” (Sydney, Australia)*Tiffany Twisted f/ Hetti Harper “Save […]

#531 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *The Dust Coda “Dream Alright” (London, England)*Mexican Dubwiser f/ Tito Fuentes “Lecture Me” (Monterrey, Mexico)-3 South & Banana voice intro-*3 South & Banana “The Fool The World” (Berlin, Germany)*Steady Rollin “Donde the has metido” (El Salvador)-back and from announce-*Weller “Cleaning This Whole […]

#530 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— + is replay— *The Jet Reds “Pamela” (Northumberland, England)*The Toxic Avenger “Sorcery” (Paris, France)-Kero Kero Bonito voice intro-*Kero Kero Bonito “21/04/20” (London, England)-Bertrand Burgalat voice intro-*Bertrand Burgalat “Vous tes ici” (Paris, France)-back and front announce-*Silver Lake (Esa Holopainen) “Storm” (Helsinki, Finland)*Ugly Beautiful “Sunrise” (Cork, Ireland)-Clemix […]

#529 Berlin era — *denotes first time airs on show— Tuba & Cagri “Yaniyorum” (Vienna, Austria)-Silvernite voice intro-*Silvernite “Ti Hypermaho (The Hymn)” (Thessaloníki, Finland)Chris Wicked f/ Gaahl “Aleine” (Bergen, Norway)-Bertrand Burgalat voice intro-*Bertrand Burgalat “Flash” (Paris, France)-back and front announce-*Rantaplan “Nüchtern Betrachtet” (Hamburg, Germany)Korpiklaani-Mylly (Lahti, Finland)-Pihka Is My Name voice intro-*Pihka Is My Name “O2+-“ […]