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Current show

Music for the Masses

1:00 am 6:00 pm

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY August 8, 8pm, 2021

Written by on 03/08/2021

#540 *denotes first time aired—+ is replay—

*Boogie Beasts “Favorite Scene” (Belgium)

*Antwerp House Squad f/ Sakso “Love Tonight” (Belgium)

-Colin Moulding voice intro-

*Colin Moulding “The Hardest Battle” (Swindon, England)

*Kaya Street “Fire In The Street” (Bristol, England)

-back and front announce-

*.Fen “Life Is So Beautiful” (Belgium)

*The Silence Industry “Lean (Into Me)” (Canada)

-Paul-Ronny Angel voice intro-

*Paul-Ronny Angel “2020 Pain In The Ass” (London, England)

*Paragon Cause “Disconnected” (Ottawa, Canada)

-back and front announce-

*Third Girl From The Left “The Mountain And The Wave” (United Kingdom)

*Limey “Poems & Riddles” (Manchester, England)

-Cat Dowling voice intro-

*Cat Dowling “Freedom” (Dublin, Ireland)

*Haipa “Love Me Now” (Moscow, Russia)

-back and front announce-

*Micart “Rockin On Again” (Bayern, Germany)

*Balamuc “Lule Lule” (Balkans)

-Kathryn and the Overbites voice intro-

*Kathryn and the Overbites “Toilet Paper Riot” (Northern Australia)

*Big Smile Revival “Sacred Mushroom” (Bristol, England)

-back and front announce-

*Mad Invasion “Devil’s Calling” (Sweden)

*Wily Bo Walker & E D Bradshaw “Could Have Loved You” (London, England)
-DJ Combo voice intro-

*Grzegorz Tarnik x Malgorzata Staszak x Sander-7 “Neverland” (Poland)

*KintiX “White Oil” (Offaly, Ireland)

-back and front announce-

*Anton Barbeau “When Life Brings You Beer” (Sacramento, CA/ Berlin, Germany)

*Amber Kuo “Never Let Me Go” (Taiwan)

-EsRAP voice intro-

*EsRAP f/ Gasman Gilmore “OTK” (Vienna, Austria)

*J67 “Heaven” (Cyprus)

-back and front announce-

*Tallmoe “Antihistamine” (Sweden)

*TGC (The Green Children) “Summon Our Love” (Oslo, Norway)

-Little Sparrow voice intro-

*Little Sparrow “Alone” (Manchester, England)

*Daytona “Birds” (original mix) (Barcelona, Spain)

-back and front announce-

-Fire Sign voice intro-

*Fire Sign “Deadwood” (London, England)