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@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY June 12, 8pm, 2022

Written by on 06/06/2022

  • *I am on vacation this week-please enjoy
    this special from December 2021 #559
    All new songs back last year from artists
    you know very well-just in case you missed it*

*Richard Ashcroft (Verve) “Bittersweet Symphony”
*The Temptations f/ Smokey Robinson “Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No”
-Wanda Jackson voice intro-
Wanda Jackson “Treat Me Like A Lady”
Jimmy Cliff “Human Touch”
-back and front announce-
*Eddie Vedder “Long Way”
*Jackson Browne “Until Justice Is Real”
-Joan Jett voice intro-
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “Bad Reputation” (2021 acoustic)
*Duran Duran “Anniversary”
-back and front announce-
*Elvis Costello & The Imposters “Magnificent Hurt”
*Abba “Just A Notion”
-Colin Moulding voice intro-
Colin Moulding “The Hardest Battle”
*Billy Idol “Bitter Taste”
-back and front announce-
John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen “Wasted Days”
-Tears For Fears speak about new song-
Tears For Fears “The Tipping Point”
Erasure “Same Game”
-back and front announce-
*Jack White “Taking Me Back”
*Johnny Marr “Receiver”
-They Might Be Giants voice intro-
They Might Be Giants “I Can’t Remember The Dream”
-Fran Healy of Travis speaks about new song-
*Travis “Swing”
-back and front announce-
*R.E.M. “Leave”
*Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) & Alison Krauss “Can’t Let Go”
-Justin Sullivan /New Model Army voice intro-
Justin Sullivan “Ride”
-back and front announce-
*Tom Morello f/ Bruce Springsteen & Eddie Vedder “Highway To Hell”
-Suzi Quatro voice intro-
Suzi Quatro “Motor City Riders”
*Weezer “Enter Sandman”
-Clan Of Xymox voice intro-
Clan Of Xymox “Brave New World”
-back and front announce-
The Mighty Mighty BossTones “The Final Parade”