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Brainwaves takes the wheel with a set of driving songs from Steven Wilson, Peal Harbor and the Explosions, Madness, Arco, Neil Halstead and R.E.M. Where are we going? To another Jewish New Year – with music from Camera Obscura, Spirit of the West, Azure Ray and the Idan Raichel Project. And for good measure, some yellow songs, too – tunes from Coldplay, Elton John, Christie, of Monsters and Men, the Cranberries and 20/20. You don’t need 20/20 vision to enjoy this week’s Brainwaves. Just tune in!

#595 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Drei Meter Feldweg “Kaufen Kaufen Kaufen” (Lüneburger Heide, Germany)*Jah Wobble & Family f/ GZ Tian “Dim Sum” (London, England)-Greta Schloch voice intro-*Greta Schloch “Falter (Laut-im Auto Version)” (Lübeck, Germany)*Vincent Christ” “Heart On A Chain” (London, England)-back and front announce-*Sonic Wildhearts “Hey Rosie” (Norway)*MP Grey f/ […]

Brainwaves presents one day more – songs about “one day” from Nik Kershaw, Genesis, Asaf Avidan, Matisyahu and the cast of Les Miserable (our favorite musical ever). ELO sings about a Boy Blue while Orange Juice tells the tale of a Blue Boy. But it’s Julian Cope who takes the title cake with “No How, No Why, No Way, No Where, No When.” It’s all coming up on this week’s show.

#594 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Chaka Chan “Women Like Me” (N.America) *Melday “Ride Or Die” (Zurich, Switzerland) -Jihae voice intro- *Jihae “The Model” (New York) -DEVN6 voice intro- *DEVN6 “We Are One (extended Mix)” (Zurich, Switzerland) -back and front announce- *Tracey Ball “Into You” (Nottingham, England) *KingCooley f/Jermaine Fowler “Get […]

Last week, Brainwaves celebrated Brian’s birthday. And now we’re doing it again! With music from Arcade Fire, Feist, Imagine Dragons, Superchunk, Pere Ubu, Boston, Peter Gabriel and lots more. (Next week: a different kind of birthday celebrationn – the birthday of the world!)

#593 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Cellz, Blue Glass “I Saw Her On The Beach” (Munich / Antigua) *Divine Decadence “Purple Dress” (Nice, France) -Dea Matrona voice intro- *Dea Matrona “So Damn Dangerous” (Belfast, Ireland) *Pixy Jones “Maureen Dreams No More” (Wales) -back and front announce- *Adar Alfandari “Jessica” (Berlin, Germany) […]

…unless they come twice. This year, Brainwaves is celebrating Brian’s birthday twice – with a special birthday episode this week and another next week, too. Birthday songs from Altered Images, Kings of Leon, Ex Cops and the Beatles (of course). So go out and make some noise, don’t be silent like the Delgados, Thomas Dolby, Goo Goo Dolls and the Dickies (who give us four songs about silence). Happy birthday to everyone who has a special day this week!

#592 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Paul Roland “Edgar Alan Poe” (London, England)*Sofia Evangelista “Get Outta My Head” (Vancouver, Canada)-Relly (Ree-vo) voice intro–Andy Spaceland (Ree-Vo) voice intro-*Ree-Vo “Boom” (Bristol, England)*Gavin Fox “Tale Of A Broken Man” (Dublin, Ireland)-back and front announce-*CLKWRK (Clockwork) “Poison” (Stoke On Trent, England)*DJ Absurd “Stop It” (Paris, […]

The summer is starting to wane (even if the temperatures are still on the rise). So Brainwaves has one more summer song for you – the classic Blotto anthem, “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard.” Plus three telephone songs from 10cc, Kraftwerk and ELO. And great music from Interpol, New Order, Rosi Golan, Mission of Burma, Splinter and Tangerine Dream. Bid adieu to summer (or at least to August) by tuning in!

#591 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Hermanos Gutiérrez “El Bueno Y El Malo” (Zurich, Switzerland)*DJ Absurd “Lion Rock” (Paris, France)-Murdocco voice intro-*Murdocco “Breaking Away” (Uruguay/ London)-Suzi Quatro voice -because the song is about her-*Tommy Keyes “Suzi Quatro (Teenage Discos ’73) (Dublin, Ireland)-back and front announce-*The Underclass “Hometown” (Stoke, England)-Tzusan voice intro-*Tzusan […]

With the fighting still raging in Eastern Europe, Brainwaves looks at “war and peace” through music. An hour of songs about fighting and warfare, followed some peace songs to even the balance. On the war side: Edwin Starr, Talking Heads, Rilo Kiley, The Three O’Clock, Nada Surf, Carl Douglas and more. On the peace side: Fountains of Wayne, John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Boston, Cat Stevens and Jeff Lynne.

#590 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Modern Mimes “Down And Dead” (Cuba/ Florida)*DJ Absurd f/ Mad Sam “Soundman Army” (Paris, France)-Daniel Ayisi voice intro-*Daniel Ayisi “ Thanksgiving” (Ghana)*L.O.H. “Daa Daa Dam” (Helsinki, Finland)-back and front announce- *Special Set by Dim Zach-musician- DJ-producer-remixer (Greece) *Mötel & Miya “Pacific Sun (Dim Zach remix) […]

Strand of Oaks’ Timothy Showalter was born in Goshen, Indiana. So it’s not surprising that he wrote “Goshen 97,” a song named after his hometown. That’s one of three Strand of Oaks rockers on this week’s Brainwaves. Plus music from Walk the Moon, Jellyfish, Beach Fossils, Elbow, Original Mirrors, , Nada Surf, David Broza, Moon Hooch and much more.

#589 —Special edition– -Max Rabe voice intro-Max Raabe “Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus” (Berlin) (*not 2022)Le Rock “Sie” (Hamburg)-Art Garfunkel Jr. voice intro-Art Garfunkel Jr. “Ich Leb Allein Auf Einer Insel (I Am A Rock) (Berlin)-Maria Die Ruhe voice intro-Maria Die Ruhe “Superrare” (Leipzig)-back and front announce-Schwarzer Engel “Schönheit” (Munich)2TRONIC “Make Me Want To” (Frankfurt)-Rammstein lead […]

Music from television: Some of our favorite TV show theme songs on this week’s Brainwaves: Fargo, Firefly and three different takes on Lost in Space. Plus a double play from Brainwaves favs Red Meadow. And to round things out, how about some triple Natalies – Walker, German and Imbruglia. It’s all coming up on this week’s Brainwaves.

#588 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Gone “Out Of Time” (Paris, France)*Blessed San “Got Your Rolex Moocha Extra Chapati” (Soroti, Uganda)-Mike Badger voice intro-*Mike Badger “Beatin’ A Path (To Your Door)” (Liverpool, England)*The Great Leslie “Feel Alive” (London, England)-back and front announce-*The Shadowbrook Project f/ Dakeye “My Love” (Canada)*The Boppers “Motorbikin’” […]

On this week’s Brainwaves, five songs about girlfriends – from Shy Nobleman, the Talking Heads, Matthew Sweet, the Smiths and the Three O’Clock. Plus music from Sum Sum, the Bongos, the Go-Betweens, the Decemberists, Peter Buck, Rani & Eland, Owl City, the Turtles and much more.

#587 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *Melday “Cold Floor” (Switzerland)*Claudia Balla “In My Head” (Switzerland)-Jihae voice intro-*Jihae “My Love” (New York City)*Alice Offley “Funk On The Dance Floor” (London, England)-back and front announce-*Janiz “Lovebirds” (Chemnitz, Germany)-Timea Göghova voice intro-*Timea Göghova “Wild Storm” (Munich, Germany)*Emma Pottage “Be My Side” (London, England)-back and […]

Is this the best song title ever or what? Sufjan Stevens’ “They are Night Zombies!! They are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhh!” On this week’s Brainwaves. Plus music from Ted Leo, the Both, the Teddybears, Guster, Assaf Avidan, Golden Earring, the Tubes, R.E.M. and the Dr. Casper Show. Don’t be a zombie. Tune in to Brainwaves this week!

#586 —* Denotes first time aired — + is replay— *The Chesterfields “Our Songbird Is Gone” (Somerset, England)*Treefingers “Bleeding Heart” (Cheshire, England)-pGarage voice intro-*pGarage f/ Heike Zacharias “Ihre Augen” (Berlin, Germany)*Antonja “Shutdown” (Tirol, Austria)-back and front announce- Special Dubmatix 4 Song Set (Producer Mixer Extraordinaire) (Toronto) “Wobble Feeble” f/ Kulcha Ites (G Corp Remix)“Give A […]