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It’s the holiday season and who couldn’t use a bit more light in their lives. So this week’s Brainwaves continues our winter tradition of bringing songs about “light” to their airwaves. You’ll hear music from The Polyphonic Spree, Starflower, Snow Patrol, Owl City, Apples in Stereo, Belle and Sebastian, Azure Ray, .fun, Bloc Party and much more. Debby Boone isn’t here to light up your life, but we’re sure this selection of light and day music will keep you charged up until the spring!

Modern Jetset #172 takes off accompanied by some retro delights, but don’t worry — we zoom into the present day in due course. This week we’ve got new releases from Tensei, The Arcs, and Orgone, plus vintage synths from Sudan and an unexpected dub rework. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long […]

It’s a Brainwaves baby! Well, actually, it’s Brian’s daughter who had the baby. So, in honor of his new granddaughter, Brainwaves presents an episode with songs about…babies! Well, maybe not little babies, but the name is in the title. “Baby Blue,” “Baby in the Rain,” “Baby I Can Do It,” “Baby You’re a Rich Man,” “See My Baby Jive,” “Better Not Wake the Baby,” “Beach Baby” and much more. Plus music from baby bands – The Babys and Babybird. Some light in the darkness on this week’s baby-licious show.

Modern Jetset #171 throws the spotlight on some neo-psych sounds and just takes off from there. This week we’ve got new music from Levitation Room, Woods, and See Jazz, plus a pair of Afrobeat jams and a college-radio classic. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent […]

When Brainwaves originally aired this episode, it was all about going from darkness to light to mark the Jewish holiday of Hanukah, which is being celebrated for eight days over the course of this week. However, these days, we need a little light to shine from the darkness, regardless of the holiday. The episode has two parts – the first hour is all “dark” songs. The second hour marks the transition to “light” music. On the dark side: Sonw Patrol, Yo La Tenga, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello, Teenage Fanclub and Lana Del Rey. On the light side: The Passion Pit, the Smiths, Bob Mould, Spoon and Of Monsters and Men. And that’s just a taste. Tune in for the full meal. We guarantee it will be enlightening!

Modern Jetset celebrates 170 nonstop flights with … well, more new releases and fab throwbacks for your extra-fancy life. This week we’ve got fresh music from Black Pumas, Bombay Bicycle Club and Mike Reed, plus a little disco interlude and some vintage trip-hop vibes. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight […]

The “eyes” have it this week on Brainwaves, with f0ur songs about opening or closing your eyes. Music from Bill Nelson, Snow Patrol, Keane and the Lords of the New Church. Plus a double play from Brian Wilson’s great “Smile” album, the Talking Heads take us to heaven, the Stone Roses bang the drums and the Motors have already forgotten about you. (All song title hints – let’s play a game!) It’s all coming up this week on Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset #169 throws down some brand new releases and realizes — everything old is new again, and that’s pretty wonderful. This week we’ve got new sounds from Souleance, Holy Hive, and Lack of Afro, plus a rather tasty detour to Brazil. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic […]

When Brian creates a new episode of Brainwaves, he hopes his wife, Jody, will enjoy it too. But she doesn’t like the harder rocking tunes, so this week’s Brainwaves is all melodic, sweet songs that pass the “Jody test.” Music from Teenage Fanclub, The Church, Cheap Star, Josh Pyke, Nick Heyward, the Go-Betweens, Edie Carey, No-Man and much more. Join Jody this week for some Brainwaves appreciation.

Modern Jetset #168 is chock full of late-in-the-year new-music goodness … the days are getting shorter at Modern Jetset HQ, but the new music just keeps rolling along. This week we’ve got new releases from Vanishing Twin, HNRY FLWR, and Skarra Mucci, plus some remixes that are not to be missed. Host Iris Berkeley is […]

It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S. So, Brainwaves is giving thanks – through music. The entire show is filled with songs expressing thanks, gratitude and satisfaction. Plus we eat some Thanksgiving pie. Thankful music from Dido, the Calling, Alanis Morissette, the Kinks, Sly and the Family Stone, Talking Heads, Blake Babies, the Eels, the Cranberries, Andrew Gold, John Denver, the Scaffold and much more. Plus pie songs from Paul and George. When the world seems like it’s going crazy, sometimes you have to acknowledge the good you have right in front of you. (Especially if you can eat it.)

Modern Jetset #167 grabs some spice from all corners of the earth and mixes it all up into something pretty tasty. This week we’ve got new music from Raw Poetic, Wolf and Moon, and Babe Rainbow, plus some remixed favorites and the power ballad you didn’t know you needed. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot […]

Big changes in the Brainwaves household. Brian’s oldest son is starting a new job. His daughter is having a baby. His youngest son moved to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a jazz saxophonist. This week’s Brainwaves is, therefore, dedicated to changes. With music from David Bowie, the Stills, Sugar, Old Man River, the New Pornographers, the Gin Blossoms, Natalie Merchant, Ben Folds, Daft Punk, the Stranglers, Keane, the Killers and Vance Joy. Don’t change the station – enjoy the changes from your friends at Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset #166 goes off on a tangent or three — in the best way, though. This week we’ve got new releases from Django Django, Venice Heath, and Ceremony Shadows, plus an extended excursion into some eighties-inspired synth sounds. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent […]

Brainwaves likes to go back to the 1970s for our weekly flashback at the top of the second hour of the show. This week, it’s 70s tunes all the time, for the entire show – but not just any songs, but the playlist from the Brainwaves episode a few weeks ago where I played 70s songs as covers. This week, it’s the original versions. You’ll hear Big Star, Rod Stewart, ELO, Neil Young, Carole King, Pink Floyd, Chicago, the Moody Blues and much more. Tune in and take the Brainwaves Time Machine back to the 1970s.

Modern Jetset #165 knows genres are meant to be ignored, so here we go. This week we’ve got new music from Tall Tall Trees, Jungle, and Phone Call, plus an appropriately trippy version excursion to the land of dub. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent […]

It was Halloween this week and I really wanted to play some scary songs. But the world is scary enough as it is. So just one: The Voice of the Beehive’s “Scary Kisses.” But don’t worry there’s lots of great music on the show: Postal Service, Sparks, Wranglers, Timbuk 3, Lovedrug, Talking Heads, Neil Halstead, Morrissey and much more. Don’t be scared, tune in to Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset #164 throws a few extra pairs of dancing shoes in the carry-on … this week we’ve got new sounds from Night Beats, Venice Heath, and The Lahaar, plus a few disco-flavored throwbacks both famous and forgotten. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent releases, […]

My daughter got married seven years ago this week. So, if wedding bells are in your ears like they are mine, let’s do some wedding songs on this week’s Brainwaves. Music from K’s Choice, Old Man River, the Wedding Project, Kurt Vile, and Our Daughter’s Wedding. There’s more, too: Tom Robinson, the Kopters, the Posies, Original Mirrors, the Radio Dept., Jay Walk Snail, Gomez, Phoenix and much more. Mazel tov!

Modern Jetset #163 stares genre labels straight in the face and says “No, thanks.” This week we’ve got new music from Miso Extra, Mndsgn, and Skinny Pelembe with Beth Orton, plus some surf-inspired sounds with a dub twist. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent releases, […]