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Brainwaves – April 7, 2020 – Passover plagues

You can’t make this stuff up – in the middle of the coronavirus crisis comes the Jewish holiday of Passover which has, at its core, the retelling of the ten plagues. This week’s Brainwaves is our special Passover episode which features snakes, frogs, blood and a Pharaoh or two (but no viruses). Music from Neko Case, Oingo Boingo, Prince, Snakefinger, TV21, the Cure, Pinback and much more. Stay healthy, stay indoors, listen to Brainwaves.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 406

Ola’s Kool Kitchen on NOW on Andhow.FM a sonic vaccine to kill coronavirus blues with Elephant Stone, Nax, @Sunburned Hand of the Man, Black Nite Crash, Sports Team, Lucy and the Rats, Anika, Rachael Dadd, Katie Von Schleicher &  Olden Yolk

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY APRIL 5, 8pm

#474 — *denotes first time airs on show + is replay– *The Nightflight Orchestra “Transmissions” (Sweden) *Subatomic Sound System & Screechy Dan “Champion Sound” (New York) -Michael Schulte voice intro- *Michael Schulte “Keep Me Up” (Berlin, Germany) *Cold Beat “Through” (San Francisco, CA) -back and front announce- *Slomosa...

Brainwaves – March 31, 2020 – Bridging left and right

In the crazy days in which we’re living, there’s no room for political divides. So Brainwaves takes a stab at bridging the gap between left and right with music. An hour of music from “left” songs, then an hour of the “right” side. “Left of Center,” “All That’s Left,” “Nothing Left to Say,” followed by “Right Here Right Now,” “It’s Alright,” “Get the Balance Right” and so much more.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 405

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on AndHow FM take your mind off coronavirus blues and troubles with Nuala Honan, Rancho Relaxo,  Roni Bar Hadas, Muck and the Mires, The Lost Tapes,  Summer Camp, James Henry Jr., & Aoife Nessa Frances.

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY March 29, 8pm

#473– * is new + is replay– *Oh My God! It’s The Church “Where’s My Hail Mary At? (U.K.) *Aimee Steven “Hell Is A Teenage Girl” (Liverpool, England) -Kidso voice intro- *Kidso “Felt” (München, Germany) *The Banshees “It’s Alright” (Liverpool, England) -back and front announce- *Lucy and the Rats “Get Down”...

Brainwaves – March 24, 2020 – Take your mind off the news

Ezra Furman says: “Take Off Your Sunglasses.” We say: take your mind off the news with some great alternative indie from Brainwaves. Two songs from Ezra to start off the show, then it’s on to Mercury Rev, Soul Aviv, Portishead, Animal Collective, Heart, Camel, Thirteen Senses, Polyrock, and much more. Tune in and tap your toes, it’s time for Brainwaves.

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY March 22, 8pm

#472– First time airs on show +is replay– *CPX “Brutal Robot” (Rome, Italy) *Nybillion “Black Thoughts” (Berlin, Germany) -The Winachi Tribe voice intro- *The Winachi Tribe “Funky But Chic” (Warrington, England) -Yajna voice intro- *Yajna “Rising Phoenix” (Sweden) -back and front announce- *Nightwish “Voices”...