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Modern Jetset #201 slingshots to some throwback sounds right after takeoff and then it’s all sailing into the future. This week we’ve got fresh new tracks from Mr. Sam & The People People, Bullion, and Quiet Dawn, plus a quick jet to Brazil and a couple of OG soul selections. Host Iris Berkeley is your […]

Do you care? Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg teamed up a few years ago to form “The I Don’t Cares.” But we do care – and that’s how this episode of Brainwaves is starting off, with two songs from the band – “Just a Phase” and “Kissing Break.” Plus music from Juliana solo and Paul as part of his pop punk band the Replacements. Plus a long sunshine set with music from Pompamoose, Sparklehorse, Chicago, Mojave 3, Kenny Rogers, the Naomi Star, Cloud Cult and K.C. and the Sunshine Band.  Tune in, take care and get sunny, this week on Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset celebrates 200 fabulous flights with … well, more fresh new releases and the vintage vibes that inspired them! This week we’ve got new music from Ginger Root, Ghost Funk Orchestra, and Crumb, plus some modern library music and a little look back through those first 200 flights. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot […]

This is an episode that nostalgic Brainwaves listeners are going to love while other listeners are going to hate. But Brainwaves doesn’t mind being polarizing, at least not when the music is so infectious. 

It’s the first ever Bubblegum Pop episode of Brainwaves – two hours of sticky sweet top 40 hits from the 1960s and 70s from bands you know – and some you may have forgotten: The Partridge Family, the Archies, the Cowsills, the Cufflinks, the DiFranco Family, the Jackson Five, the Monkees, the Fifth Dimension, the BeeGees, the Marmalade, and much more. (Maybe this should be called the “the” show since so many of the bands start that way!)

Modern Jetset #199 sails through the best of the mid-year new releases … and there’s still more to come as we gear up for next week’s big anniversary flight. This week we’ve got new tracks from Cadence Weapon, Sylvan Esso, and Shannon & The Clams, plus a couple of Stax throwbacks and some pure pop […]

Modern Jetset #198 goes a little crazy with the new releases but hold on just a second, is that even a thing? This week we’ve got new music from Kishi Bashi, Ibibio Sound Machine, and Solo Moderna, plus a couple of tributes to the classics and a quick trip to Colombia. Host Iris Berkeley is […]

Modern Jetset #196 does a few donuts over Japan before settling into a flight path through space, time, and imagination … this week we’ve got new tracks from Project Gemini, John Carroll Kirby, and Foamboy, plus a little jangle rock and an unexpected ska take on a soul classic. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot […]

Modern Jetset #194 makes some fab new friends in the fancy skies — this week we’ve got new tracks from Michelle David & The True Tones, Elbow, and Bodies of Water, plus an eighties gem and some vintage African crate-digging treasures. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new […]

Modern Jetset #193 leans into that sweet spot where all the genres collide and it’s all smooth sailing from there. This week we’ve got new music from Mildlife, Sam Evian, and Four Tet, plus some vintage African funk and a hidden-treasure Bowie remix. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of […]

Independence Day in Israel this year has been kind of subdued – understandably so. But Brainwaves still wants to mark the day – through music. Two hours of eclectic alternative indie and prog from the Holy Land. You’ll hear artists including Ethnix, Yehuda Poliker, ForesTT, Idan Rachel, Nathan Goshen, Nik Kaikov, Red Meadow, Avraham Tal, Kaveret, Avtipus, Karolina and much more. No matter where you stand on the cultural divide, great music should be beyond politics. Tune in!

Modern Jetset #192 freewheels through some serious free-association but we all end up somewhere pretty fab. This week we’ve got new tracks from Khruangbin, Brittany Howard, and Finom, plus some throwback hip-hop and a slow glide south of the border. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and […]

Amidst all the insanity of war, here’s a band that builds bridges. Israeli heavy metal band Orphaned Land is popular in Turkey and Iran. Can music heal our fractured world? Let’s try. In addition to Orphaned Land, this week’s episode has music from New Order, the Bellyachers, Stars, Starflower, Starcastle, the Lumineers, Seagull Strange, the Buzzcocks, MissFlag, Shoes, Keane and much more. Show your support for coexistence – listen to Brainwaves!

Do you recognize this episode of Brainwaves? It was the very first show Brian ever produced. Now it’s been updated with a better microphone and a brand new voice-over. The music is still some of our favorite ever. With Maya Isacowitz, Alan’s Morissette, Tori Amos, Joan Osborne, Minus the Bear, Moby, Spock’s Beard, Semisonic, Zapp and Roger, Modern English and even the Archies. Throwback Tuesday or Modern Rock Monday? Brainwaves brings it this week. Tune in!

Modern Jetset #190 takes off heavy and just gets groovier from there … this week we’ve got new music from Oxford Drama, Levitation Room, and Yin Yin, plus some Brazilian soul and a little surf-flavored retro excursion. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new and recent releases, plus […]

It’s time for Brainwaves’ annual Passover episode. Songs relating to all aspects of the Passover Seder: Egypt, Pharaohs, blood, snakes, princes, frogs, bread and Moses, too. From artists including Sufjan Stevens, Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Desmond Dekker, Porcupine Tree, TV21, Jim Stafford, Editors, the Cure and much more. This is definitely a show you don’t want to pass over!

Modern Jetset #189 dusts off the time machine and takes it to the future … of the crate-digging past. This week we’ve got new releases from Lewis OfMan, Orgone, and Tomato Flower, plus a retro musical journey through the Middle East. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long flight of eclectic new […]

Brainwaves celebrates the art of giving…taxes. For many around the world (especially in the U.S.) this week is the deadline for filing taxes. Brainwaves does its part by playing some taxing music from Leisure Process, David Crosby & Graham Nash, the Steve Miller Band, the Stranglers, the Buzzcocks, Deaf School and Taxi Taxi (that’s close to “taxes,” right?) It’s all coming up on this special money-oriented episode of Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset #188 welcomes in a change of seasons with more new releases than you can shake your booty at. This week we’ve got new music from Yard Act, Liam Bailey and Molly Lewis, plus a Radiohead side project and some classic southern hemisphere psych. Host Iris Berkeley is your pilot for this weekly hour-long […]

It’s time travel day – let’s travel back to the very first episode of Brainwaves, here re-recorded with a proper microphone – something Brian didn’t have 11 years ago! Music from Maya Isacowitz, Human Sexual Response, Greg Kihn, Lemonheads, Devon, the Buzzcocks, the Flamin’ Groves, Richard Baron, Ben Folds and much more! Take a trip down memory lane with Brainwaves.

Modern Jetset #187 falls down a bit of an eighties — and eighties-inspired — rabbit hole, but don’t worry, there are so many synths down there to keep us company. This week we’ve got new music from King Pari, Mon Cher, and Katy Kirby, plus a reimagined Woody Guthrie classic and a little Afrobeat for […]