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@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY December 4, 8pm, 2022

#605 ——*FIRST TIME AIRED -+IS REPLAY *LL Groove Band “Mister M” (Dublin, Ireland)*Kwabna aka Nipa w/ Sly & Robbie “House Of Jah” (Ghana)-SICKY voice intro-*SICKY “Beans” (Wolverhampton, England)*Justin Faust “Astro (Dim Zach Remix)” (Munich, Germany)-back and front announce-*Mustafa Khetty “Catch Me If You Can Prelude” (Columbo, Sri Lanka)*Mustafa Khetty “Catch...

Brainwaves – Nov. 29, 2022 – It’s a boy’s life

A boy’s life? Brainwaves wouldn’t be so gender-blind. But it’s the band’s name – “Boy’s Life.” And we’ve got two songs from the Boston band from the early 80s. Plus, we’re headed to the “country” with seven songs from Wake Owl, Three Dog Night, Pete Yorn, Big Star, Blitzen Trapper, R.E.M and Lovedrug. The Screaming Jets take off on an airplane while Juliana Hatfield is learning to fly (while covering the Foo Fighters). It’s all coming up on this week’s Brainwaves!

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY November 27, 8pm, 2022

#604 ——Switzerland Special– Dub Spencer & Trance Hill “Chilli Dub”RE-201 f/ Doug Wimbish & Dellé “Another One Bites The Dust”-Gina Été voice intro-Gina Été “Machs Gut”Melday “Ride Or Die”-back and front announce-Müslüm “Gugele”Luca Hänni “Dynamit”-DEVN6 voice intro-DEVN6 “Resurrection (Original Mix)Hermanos Gutiérrez “El Bueno Y El...

Brainwaves – November 22, 2022 – Is this plagiarism?

Brainwaves compares Owl City’s “When Will I See You Again?” with Marshall Crenshaw’s “Whenever You’re on My Mind.” Is this a lawsuit waiting to happen? Plus “cloud” music from A.C. Newman, Teenage Fanclub, The Rolling Stones, the Bangles and Cloud Cult (of course). And let’s not forget the Cloud Room (they’re sleeping in the ocean). It’s all coming up on this week’s Brainwaves!

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY November 20, 8pm, 2022

#603 ——BEST OF SHE SHOW 2022 AbsolutUnsa “écoute” (Lyon, France/ Berlin, Germany)-ANIQO voice intro-ANIQO “Balance” (Berlin, Germany)-ROZZ voice intro-ROZZ “Una terra promesa” (Genk, Belgium)-Mädchen* Rap Confidence voice intro-Mädchen* Rap Confidence “Mädchen* Rap Confidence (Munich, Germany)-back and front announce-Lizzo “About Damn Time” (N. America)-Josie Cotton...

Brainwaves – Nov. 15, 2022 – Looking for music under the bridge

In the land of Brainwaves, when citizens want to protest a governmental policy or change, they take to the bridges over highway intersections. So how about some bridge music this week? Bridge songs from Pink Floyd, Rose Melberg, Boy and Bear, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even the Mike Curb Congregation. Plus music from the New Pornographers, Daft Punk, the Replacements, Hole, Nada Surf, Lovedrug, the Killers, Ethnix and lots more. It’s all coming up on this week’s show!

Brainwaves – Nov. 8, 2022 – Fool you once, fool you again

Brainwaves aint fooling around this week with a triple play from German pop stars Fool’s Garden. Lemon Tree, Daihaminkay and a Beatles cover are all on the musical agenda. Plus Martha and the Muffins (goes with Martha My Dear, of course), Spoon, Flogging Molly, Red Meadow, Nonprofit Band, Neon Trees, Pacifika, four kings (Charles, Crimson, Leon and Harvest) and one Queen. It’s all coming up on Brainwaves this week!

@Lopsided World Of L -SUNDAY November 13, 8pm, 2022

#602 —— *First time aired–+ is replay– *IOTA PHI “Homo Pauperis Mutation” (Athens, Greece)*IOTA PHI “Daydream” (Athens, Greece)-ISYLA voice intro-*ISYLA “Only Girl In The Room” (Falmouth, England)*The Appetizers “ Walk The Long Way” (Milan, Italy)-back and front announce-+Billy Craig f/ Elsie Binx “Tears For Ukraine” (N.America)*Nau Leone “N°1 Cambo”...